Privacy Policy

Local Magazine is gathering your information to gain a better sense of who our readers are. Under NO circumstances will your personal details be shared or connected to your name and email. The ONLY way that information will be shared is via anonymous statistics. Here is a description of what we are collecting and why.

Email Address – to follow up with winners and to follow up with you when Local has news. News will only be sent periodically, if at all but we hope to have a way to say hello to you in the case of special events and announcements so please opt in to our newsletter.

Phone number – will only be used if you win and can not be reached via email.

Name – just so we have a sense of who we’re talking to – we know many of our neighbours and are happy to meet others. For Editor’s eyes only.

Postal Code – so that we can figure out which neighbourhoods we are best reaching.

Where do you typically pick up Local – so we know which distribution points are most effective or whether you are receiving it from friends or neighbours.

Annual Income – this is for statistical purposes only and is only of interest to some advertisers. As we grow and seek out larger clients, this is of particular interest to them. Frankly, we hope we are communicating with a broad income spectrum. In particular this statistic will NEVER be shared nor connected to your name.

Employment – this is of interest to us particulary with respect to our story mix. It is also of interest to many potential advertisers.

Date of Birth – is of interest to us and to advertisers. It helps us know the demographic we are reaching and talking to.

Gender – this helps us skew our stories, or not as the case may be. Primarily a curiosity factor but also of interest to some advertisers in particular.

Marital Status – mostly to help us know whether you have children or not and also to potentially skew stories. Are we talking to the love lorn or the blissfully in love :)

Favourite Parts of the Magazine – helps us know what you are most enjoying so that we can keep these in the mix and perhaps grow sections as we grow.

What would you like to see more of – your chance to have your say about the magazine. We look forward to your feedback.

We hope this explains why it is that we are gathering the data we gather. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact with Data Capture in your Subject Line and we will respond as soon as possible to your questions or comments. We do VERY MUCH appreciate you sharing your personal information with us. We are happy to know a bit more about who we are talking to and we are convinced that your sharing will help us grow Local.