Bits and Bites and Bites

December 1st, 2010 by Sarah

My poor computer!!! I’ve filled up its brain and today have to take it to boost its brain. I guess the 8500 photos I have in my iphoto finally proved too much. Or maybe its the photos from the ten issues we’ve pulled together for Local thus far. This latest holiday issue had SO many moving parts – ads, advertorials, photo shoots for both, many new writers, many stories, many images – it was lots of fun to pull together but more parts than it appears and more than most issues. Of course we hope you’ll enjoy it and shop Local to support our local businesses. This entry though is to let you know that we havn’t finished building out our website for this issue yet – its just that we’ve had to take a break while we build up our computer’s brain so…bear with us for a few days and we’ll have the entire content up and running. Blog too – this poor blog has been suffering from a lack of attention but we have big plans at Local for 2011 and a few more hands on deck so that we can do a better job of bringing you all our bits and bites.

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