Happy Belated New Year!!!

January 28th, 2011 by Sarah

Well hello there. Happy 2011!!!!!!! We are finally about to hit the street with our New Year’s issue and are excited about this one – it has a lot of interesting content in it about people sharing ideas via publishing, music dates, and good old fashioned conversation. Our website is only half way built out as of me leaving to go out and distribute the magazine but we’ll get the rest up there over the weekend since our own New Year’s resolution for the business is to stay on top of the very robust website we’ve built so that you can be more connected to our stories, local events and our advertisers and distributors who help us get Local in your hands. Things are finally rolling for 2011 – it took awhile to get going and we’re a bit late hitting the street as a result but we appreciate your patience and look forward to bringing you more great content for 2011 – starting with Ideas – keep your eyes open for the new issue on the street and please share with a friend for Valentine’s Day.

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