Arcade Fire and Inspiration

February 15th, 2011 by Sarah

Listening to Arcade Fire and so proud of what they pulled off at the Grammy’s the other night – and not because I’m surprised or feel that they are at all undeserving of the acclaim they found – but quite the opposite, it was just so wonderful to see a band with such REAL talent get recognized. I saw them at the Island this past summer and they truly did rock. And I think my favourite thing about Arcade Fire is that they are still genuinely so enjoying their ride and the recognition and their thrill is blatant and palatable and wonderful to behold. I just want to wish them so many congratulations. Oh, and by the by, did you hear they’re opening for U2 out East in U2’s only stop this summer???? This entry may seem a little random but I am inspired by watching this band achieve the recognition they deserve. I’m proud of them and thank them for all the enthusiasm they’ve built in me this year through their inspired and innovative music. They’ve lit more than a few fires at Local.

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