no movers & shakers this issue

March 16th, 2011 by Sarah

Hello there readers. Not sure how many of you will connect these dots but in the issue I’ll be putting out on the street tomorrow – Green for Saint Patrick’s Day :) – we don’t have our movers & shakers page. I meant to address this in my Editor Letter but didn’t have space. Basically although we spoke to several businesses about joining this page in this issue, NONE of them followed up and, given I was pressed for space, I decided to give their page to an advertiser since none of them was doing much shaking. I enjoy that page but it is a lot of work to put together once you gather all the writeups, photos and contact info – so, I figured if they wern’t moving and shaking, why bother??? We’ll try to have it back in there for the next issue though since it is a helpful section in terms of pointing people to the new kids on the block.

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