Blue Heron Morning

May 3rd, 2011 by Sarah

As per usual has been too long since I”ve been here. As per not usual, I saw a blue heron at the Beach this morning – flew right over me. Always so cool to see them in the City and who knows if this one is heading north – maybe to my cottage? or planning to live around these parts. Apparently there are a few blue heron colonies within flying distance of the City. I found that out from my good bird-brained friends at the TRCA. I’m going to be joining them for their Bird Festival May 14th at Tommy Thompson park. They do tours, bird banding, have presentations – it should be fun. Last week at the beach I go to, I saw two black crowned night herons up – a male and female sitting quietly in trees right beside me. Hopefully they’re thinking of living there since it was very cool to be so close and see them at rest and in a tree instead of along the lake’s edge where you might expect to see them. I learned about these birds in a past issue of Local – again thanks to the birders at TRCA. Hope you’ll join us and the birds for the Spring Migration Festival at the entrance to Tommy Thompson Park – should be fun for the entire family – might even turn you into a bird nerd as it did to me :) sarah

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