Foiled by Fall!!!

September 23rd, 2011 by Sarah

Argh – it had all been going so smoothly. Too smoothly I guess. In publishing, particularly in the last week when the issue heads over to the printer there are many, many, many things that can go wrong; however, once we got to prepress, the issue sailed through the printer’s steps and I received it first thing this morning, in time for the first day of Fall and was thrilled at the thought that we had had such great timing – perfect I thought. I should have touched wood since about an hour after my smug thoughts as I sat here getting the website updated to include and reflect the new Fall content, down came the rain and still, down it comes. Now had I thought to print this issue on plastic, I might be out there right now but, as it stands, to take paper out into this very wet first afternoon of Fall would not go very well I’m afraid so instead, I’m sitting here watching the weather for signs of a break. None yet. Worst case scenario tomorrow morning is supposed to be clear so it can be my plan B but I’m sure I’ll get out for a bit today and at least get started. I’m reminded of years ago when I used to teach tennis and would sit and watch the rain to try to figure out if I’d be working that day or not – first at Kew Gardens when I taught the junior program there for many years, and then out in Vancouver where I lived for possibly the wettest summer they’ve ever had. I literally only made it on court twice in six weeks!!! In any case, back to the present, I will get out there as soon as possible but expressions such as “come hell or high water” and “weathering the storm” come to mind and are taking on new meaning as this afternoon rolls on – my smooth day foiled…by fall. :)

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