My Web Guys Rock!!!!

January 19th, 2012 by Sarah

Wow!!! How cool is it to work on something for months and then to see it in action!!!! I’ll tell you how cool – it’s VERY cool!!!! Relish Interactive, and more specifically Sacha Raposo and Steve Palmer have been working diligently on the second evolution of Local’s website since the Fall and boy have they ever outdone themselves. These were the brains responsible for the original local site but with this second phase, we’ve really brought the interactivity level up and have moved Local into the future, never mind 2012. It’s thrilling to see it all happening after so much discussion and so much of their hard work. In particulay, I’m excited to learn more about you in the data capture; happy to reward you for sharing your information with us by way of the great prizes put up by our advertisers; happy to be in the Twitterverse (well I’m actually not quite there yet but give me a week) for now we’re following our advertisers and friends of the magazine; check out our revised events section where we’ll be posting photos from local events – these will also spool on our slideshow on the home page. All entries are now facebook friendable and fully sharable so please feel free to like the stories you like on facebook – it all just helps to spread the word about all the words in Local. THANKS RELISH!! YOU ROCK!!

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