From Local to This Land!

June 4th, 2018 by Sarah

When we started Local nearly ten years ago, we did so out of a love of place. In this case, the place was the east end of Toronto. Now we invite you to investigate our new business, This Land. Also born out of a love of place, This Land will shine a light on Canada’s environment and share news about what this country’s many not for profit environmental organizations are doing to protect our natural spaces. This Land will help you be better informed and more involved and will tell you interesting stories about Canada along the way. This week is Canadian Environment Week and the perfect opportunity to introduce Local’s longtime readers and followers to This Land. For now, please follow This Land on Twitter to get a feel for how the news feed will work. Help us launch our site faster by supporting us, either with any dollars you can spare to give us a kick start, or by joining us so our potential partners and advertisers see that we have an audience looking forward to access to more environmental news. Please visit or follow us on Twitter @ThisLandMedia

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